Asset and infrastructure management

The positives of predictability

At Proserv, we work closely with our clients to offer services that can increase the output, performance and life of oilfield assets and infrastructure whilst minimising costs. By using our asset integrity programme, clients can optimise the life and durability of their equipment.

Our approach to building an asset management framework is focused on working with a client’s decision-making team to establish requirements. Our aim is to be entrusted with supplying the necessary obsolescence management, testing and certification, and regular status reporting to that team’s key individuals to offer a tangible degree of security, certainty and predictability to their planning. When such collaboration occurs and this visibility is available, it is easier for us to predict and schedule O&M campaigns, mitigate potential failures and safeguard production.

Management of maintenance

Proserv’s risk-based asset reliability programme applies to our clients’ pre-installed equipment, new build systems and third party assets. Our tailored services minimise operational failure, reduce system downtime and maxmise equipment lifespan, all while ensuring industry standard compliance.


Although no two service offerings are the same, we employ continuity and a common methodology around how we look after our customers’ installed base, bringing reliability and certainty to their activities. If one client has purchased three multi-million-dollar subsea control systems or another has acquired a dozen pumps, both equally want to be able to know that either their round-the-clock 24/7 asset support, or their obsolescence and maintenance management, are taken care of allowing them to stay ahead of issues. Those customers who fully engage with our approach truly benefit from more secure and seamless operations.

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Asset Intelligence

Proserv’s asset enhancement global intelligence solution (AEGIS) assists clients with the monitoring of their life of field maintenance progress and asset enhancement, whilst maintaining a high degree of reliability.

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