Buoy Control Systems

Integrated control and monitoring systems for offshore loading buoys

Proserv has over 25 years’ experience in supplying telemetry controls for buoy offloading systems globally, using our established, market leading technology.

Our expertise and experience has given us a portfolio of products such as subsea production control modules, WHCPs, HPUs, and telemetry control and monitoring systems for the oil and gas market. This allows us to offer fully integrated buoy control systems using various communication methods: fibre optics, radio, satellite and Wi-Fi.

Long-term performance with minimal intervention

Extreme service remote terminal units (RTU)

Designed for a wide temperature range and conformal coated for corrosion protection, Proserv’s RTUs are ideal for extreme service buoy use. Its low power requirements also make it an ideal partner for solar power. Our hull system RTUs are Zone 1 certified and can remain in use between charge for up to 28 days.



Proserv has a long history developing SCADA packages for both onshore and platform environments. We are SCADA agnostic and can work with a number of packages, including Rockwell FTview, Wonderware Intouch and Citect. Our custom built screens ensure ease of monitoring and we offer extensive driver availability and hot standby capabilities.


Tanker portable units (TPU)

Proserv’s TPUs use modified Gastor (Navicom) software to provide speed of approach, heading and distance to buoy from the tanker. We provide both tablet and PC options, with both rated to Zone 2 hazardous areas.


Solar powered systems

We deliver Ex and safe area designs, with custom frameworks to your requirements and specific location.


Hawser load monitoring

Proserv offers load pin, shackle and life time mooring chain monitoring and prediction. Fabricated to your specifications, we fit each chain with an inclinometer and dual redundant load cell bridge options. Our easy-to-use software module estimates the remaining life of the hawser, based on load data, and displays the data in an easy to use graphical interface.


Navigational aids

Proserv offers the supply and integration of a number of navigational aids, including marine lanterns, fog horns, alarm and warning beacons, weather monitoring for speed and wind direction, sea current and direction and buoy GPS.

Designed in-house and customised to customers’ requirements for the safe operation of offloading product
All industry standard communications protocols supported
Integration of other specialist systems such as hawser fatigue, berthing and solar power systems
SIL rated 2 and 3 options
Development and full support of HMI/SCADA packages and PLC solutions
Global service support team available for all installation and commissioning works
All systems suitable for hazardous area operation
24/7 worldwide service and after-sales support

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