Intelligent solutions for the digital world

Real-time monitoring and optimisation

Proserv’s approach to real-time monitoring and optimisation centres around data and intelligence. Our philosophy to digital services is to develop solutions that continually analyse data with the objective of detecting events before they reach the control room, supporting operators with early route cause analysis and intervention strategies. Our aim is to empower the engineering and asset management teams so they can optimise their campaigns and enhance performance and extend life of assets to give them a competitive edge over other operators.

Putting data to work

Putting data to work means connecting specific applications and configuring them so that analytics are running continually in an automated and disciplined way. It is these analytics which provide the early indicator of equipment poor performance or failure, or even human error.


And the work does not stop there. Proserv recognises the need to reimagine human machine interfaces (HMI) and visualisation if it is to keep pace with the amount of data modern equipment and systems are now capable of producing. We understand there is only so much information a human can absorb effectively. It is for that reason we are exploring and adopting new, innovative HMI design philosophies such as those used by NASA and SpaceX.


Improvements in human performance delivered by new HMI designs are key if, as an industry, we are to maximise value from digitalisation. This is why we have developed solutions that can visualise 40% more data points on an HMI compared to legacy designs while at the same time seeing users’ response times, engagement and technical understanding significantly improve.

Proserv is known for its independence and flexibility and our digital services reflect this ethos. Our approach is OEM agnostic and can be applied across any legacy system. It is flexible too: we can provide notifications of anomalies picked up through the data, or we can couple that with domain knowledge and personnel.

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