Condition based monitoring for metering systems

Measurement SaaS

The oil and gas industry remains labour intensive and is currently in the process of increasing operational efficiency and optimising production by digitisation of its infrastructure and services. The deployment of software can both drive performance, reduce costs and decarbonise operations by undertaking tasks that would normally be done by humans. Many oil and gas fields are becoming mature and software solutions can also be used to increase recovery factors across the industry.

Software deployment in the oil and gas industry covers a wide range of activities such as exploration, production, asset management, monitoring and measurement. In the latter category, software is being widely used in an activity known as condition-based monitoring (CBM).

Measurement SaaS – software as a service

CBM is the software-managed monitoring of processes and assets with a focus on what maintenance activities need to be undertaken and when. It has become an essential component of predictive maintenance strategies. There are a variety of techniques that may be used to monitor conditions. For example, the comparison of live measured variables against thresholds to allow the trending of equipment performance. Another technique is the live calculation of uncertainty that can be used as another performance indicator.


The use of software increases operational efficiency, manages equipment maintenance strategies through deployment of condition based monitoring, reduces costs and assists in the decarbonisation of the operation.


Clients can get value for money by tailoring software solutions to fit the measurement system. Large systems can be covered by less expensive rates for each measurement. The return on investment will be immediate with reduced labour costs, targeted and scheduled maintenance.


Proserv delivers a number of software solutions to the metering industry for accurate, reliable, real-time measurement and verification.

Proserv Prognosis – reduce the risk of measurement errors with alerts to ant potential differential pressure meter and transmitter faults
Dynamic uncertainty calculations – uncertainty changes, and normally increases over time. Even the smallest miscalculation will have significant financial or environmental impacts. Proserv provides real time uncertainty monitoring
Proserv Valid8 – Calculation verification performed live, at the touch of a button, with no need for offline verification using third party software.

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