Real-time monitoring

A leap forward in data visualisation

In an increasingly data-driven world, we analyse and visualise everything. And yet current visualisation techniques cannot cope with today’s data growth. Data is key for understanding a system’s performance, and without good historical data the only other alternative is to spend millions of dollars to retrospectively assess if life extension is an option.

What if we were able to visualise the life expectancy of a asset in real time, from day one of operation?

Proserv offers real-time condition monitoring and world-leading visualisation tools that are 100% focused on human factors. These are not classic SCADA / HMI evolutions but represent a significant leap forward in data visualisation.

Coupled with the analytics and machine learning our advanced HMI solution provides, we can deliver a compelling package for clients who want a predictive maintenance and asset optimisation strategy.

Visualising predictive maintenance

We recognise that data from equipment and processes is only going to continue to grow exponentially. Therefore, we have purposefully chosen to avoid HMI and visualisation tools that have evolved from classic SCADA / HMI interfaces, as they are simply not scalable nor suitable for this purpose. Today, we are the only company that can offer a visualisation solution that can show 10,000s of data points on a single screen which, in parallel, immediately illustrates poor performance or where a potential failure may occur.


Furthermore, by connecting data historians together, our solution opens all kinds of possibilities of what you can do quickly, easily and, most crucially, securely with your data.


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