Real-time optimisation

Data-driven optimisation

Operators have a trilemma: power, availability and life of an asset are the three factors they must manage. To do so effectively, good decisions must be made from the data presented. Traditionally, optimisation methodologies require large numerical models involving heavy engineering resources. Secondly, because of their numerical model nature, they are not easily scaled due to site specific conditions. Thirdly, these solutions are “OEM closed” meaning only that specific OEM can perform any task.

Self-learning and dynamic

Proserv’s real-time optimisation (RTO) services is addressing this challenge. Developed in partnership with, our solution allows operators to visualise the remaining life of an asset in real-time, empowering the client to make data-driven strategic decisions to maximise return on investment. With this knowledge, Proserv can empower the operator to go even further. Not only can our technologies show asset life trajectory, but with RTO, we can also autonomously and dynamically change its outcome.


By targeting production and yield increases, as well as a reduction in energy consumption and other operating costs, effective RTO software can increase performance by up to 5%. As businesses align themselves towards the needs of the energy transition and a net zero future, RTO can offer tangible upside around improved operational efficiencies and reduced emissions footprints.

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