Bottom-hole sampling

Capture high quality fluid samples in the field with downhole sampling

Proserv specialises in downhole sampling which supports evaluation and appraisal of a reservoir. Samples are captured in the field, transferred to shipping cylinders, and transported to the laboratory where chemical and physical properties can be measured and determined.

This process needs careful management throughout to ensure sample integrity, operator safety and environmental and legal compliance. Once analysed, the samples provide data vital for the economic and technical evaluation of the reservoir.
Sample validation on site
Available in Inconel for hostile environments

A proven downhole sampling solution

Proserv offers a range of downhole sampling tools and supporting equipment to capture fluid samples from within the well bore. This equipment can be used to capture reservoir samples during exploration or production stages and can also be used to help sample storage vessels during decommissioning of platforms and tanks. Bottom-hole sampling tools are available in standard or exotic materials for use in harsh environments and can also be supplied with non-reactive coatings if required.

Positive displacement sampler – allows for the capture of down-hole reservoir fluid samples. The single phase sampler (SPS) maintains the samples at a pressure above reservoir conditions, for analysis back at the laboratory. Sampler conveyance is run on slickline, wireline, coil tubing or pipe and is operated via traditional mechanical clock or third party acoustic triggers when run as part of a drill stem test string.
Micro-field transfer bench – compatible with the down-hole sampler and transportation cylinder is the micro-field transfer bench (MFTB) that allows samples to be transferred safely from the sampler to cylinder for transportation to the PVT lab for analysis. In addition to ensuring the sample is monophasic and homogeneous prior to transfer, the MFTB allows a validation to be carried out after the transfer to ascertain a bubble point, and comparison between samples.
Cylinders – for the transportation of samples, a range of cylinders (700 millilitres as standard) can be supplied with pressure ratings of 10,000 and 15,000 psi. Our cylinders are supplied with transportation boxes for shipment complete with European PED, TPED, United States DOT, Canadian TC, Australian A*S certification, where applicable.

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