Protect against offshore wind cable failures with A new approach to subsea cable monitoring

ECG™ holistic cable monitoring system

Proserv and partners have developed a new and unique system methodology for subsea cable monitoring and fault detection that applies to export and inter-array cables within offshore wind farms.

ECG™ introduces a step-change in traditional monitoring methods, offering comprehensive visibility across cable assets. Adopting an integrated and scalable approach, ECG™ provides real-time analysis with insights through an intuitive user interface. Enabling proactive decision-making, improving utilisation and reducing OPEX costs, ECG™ delivers complete peace of mind.

Proserv understands the specific industry challenges that are related to monitoring cables, cable faults and the cost of failure on cable assets. This knowledge, complemented by our offering of leading controls technology and integrated solutions, best places Proserv to provide this innovative and unique approach to monitoring cables.

Did you know:
It costs £12.5m cost to repair a single failed export cable and £8.4m cost to repair a single failed inter array cable
75-80% of insurance claims by offshore wind industry are for subsea cable failures

Protect your cables and stop faults from occurring

By combining Synaptec‘s sensor technology and BPP Cable Solutions machine learning and AI capabilities, the ECG™ represents a paradigm shift in automated condition monitoring, enabling small anomalies in performance to be detected long before a problem arises.

Maximise power transmission and increase efficiencies
Reduce failures as a result of intelligent monitoring
Protect against serious events with warnings of developing faults
Save OPEX and vessel costs with planned intervention
Plan lower cost interventions around weather and resource availability
Peace of mind about the condition and integrity of your cable

An online, synchronous cable monitoring system

Our solution employs a unique non-intrusive passive monitoring technology, enabling multiple sensors to be deployed throughout the wind farm, thus creating a multiparameter sensing network, and with measurements provided at a central location.

Employing Synaptec‘s passive sensor arrays, ECG’s sensor technology requires no power or data networks and provides live data more reliably and securely from more locations. This wide area, multipoint technology is ideal for automated condition monitoring, and improved asset management decisions.

Distributed temperature sensing
Distributed acoustic sensing
Passive termination monitoring
Strain sensing
Power quality monitoring
Environmental data
AIS data
And more…

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