Subsea HIPPS control

Dedicated control systems to meet the stringent safety requirements for high integrity pressure protection

Get more from your existing subsea infrastructure with high integrity pressure protection system (HIPPS) controls. This retrievable safety system enables unparalleled cost and schedule efficiency to optimise your subsea projects and unlock marginal reservoirs.

Offering unrivalled data speed, reliability and flexibility, the Proserv HIPPS subsea control module (HSCM) provides the requisite monitoring, control and shutdown functions to prevent the over pressurisation of your subsea assets.

Best in class design
Proserv’s independent, best-in-class controls solutions are engineered to ensure zero obsolescence issues, past or future.

Tough Technology
Proserv’s HSCM is SIL compliant and fully configurable to meet your safety specifications for subsea HIPPS.

Flexible applications

Adapatable for greenfield, brownfield and infrastructure-led exploration to co-exist with already installed networks. In the event flowline pressure downstream of the HIPPS exceeds the predetermined maximum allowable limit, the HSCM will safely shut down the system. At the heart of the HSCM’s subsea electronics module is the Proserv open communication controller, which provides the operator with a transparent and flexible platform for both new and existing subsea tiebacks.

Combines Proserv’s proven Artemis 2G subsea electronics with Sensia’s SIL rated card for safety applications, in accordance with IEC 61508 and 61511 standards
System fully programmable to meet necessary SIL3 requirements for well based HIPPS modules
HIPPS master control station (HMCS) powered by Rockwell control logix and Rockwell AADvance SIL rated interface for safety rated systems
SIIS instrument and device integration with extensive diagnostic support
Incorporates proven subsea valve technology with SIL certified Rotator DCVs

The complete HIPPS and controls package

Proserv has partnered with Trendsetter to offer the complete subsea HIPPS and controls package.


By combining Trendsetter’s HIPPS with Proserv’s HIPPS configured subsea control module (HSCM), we can offer operators increased flexibility in addressing varying pressure regimes between new wells and existing infrastructure, making it a viable and efficient solution for subsea-to-subsea tiebacks. Our unique partnership allows us to provide best-in-class solutions whilst still remaining independent.


About Trendsetter’s subsea HIPPS


Subsea HIPPS gets the most out of your existing subsea assets with unparalleled cost and schedule efficiency. New host facilities, flowlines and risers are often both cost and schedule prohibitive. With the subsea HIPPS module, operators can utilise existing flowlines, risers and topside facilities that have some spare production capacity available but may not have a high enough pressure rating for a new, nearby reservoir or well. It’s as simple as ‘plug and play.’

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