Measurement solutions for custody transfer and fiscal metering

Metering control systems

A custody transfer metering system is a critical component of the oil and gas industry used to measure and quantify the transfer of hydrocarbon products between parties. It ensures accurate measurement and accountability during the exchange of oil, gas, or refined products, typically between buyers and sellers or different entities within the supply chain. Custody transfer and fiscal metering systems play a pivotal role in determining the value, quantity, and quality of hydrocarbon products being transferred, and it is essential for commercial transactions and regulatory compliance.

Proserv provides the complete metering solution: independent system design, build and installation, specialising in fiscal and custody transfer metering systems, to meet the most stringent of technical requirements.

Proserv has over 30 years’ experience in system integration and delivering metering control systems on a global scale.

Protect your revenue with flow measurement control systems

Proserv recognises that very few systems are alike and one size doesn’t fit all. We understand the importance of being independent, so we offer our experience into the market to provide the best solution that fits technically and meets today’s tight budget constraints.

We will design a system that exceeds your expectations and will support it through the whole lifecycle, continuously monitoring performance and ensuring new upgrades and modifications are promptly highlighted and installed to guarantee optimum system performance. Our systems ensure accurate measurement with accountability and traceability, all while ensuring regulatory compliance and, ultimately, revenue protection.


Our bespoke systems designed to customer requirements, using modern technology and innovative design methods to enhance reliability and functionality. With over 30 years unparalleled metering experience and understanding of flow measurement control systems, we can ensure end-to-end quality control from our dedicated manufacturing, test and packaging facility in Scotland.

We are capable of producing single or multi-bay systems,
ISO9001:2015 approved to guarantee the highest quality standards.

Onsite FEED and site surveys
Metering control system design (flow computers, supervisory systems, PLC systems, control panels)
Site installation, commissioning and start up
24/7 metering system support – remote and onsite with a dedicated service and support helpdesk
On-site system health checks to optimise reliability
Obsolescence management to identify risk and manage asset lifecycle
Annual support contracts to ensure continuous technical support
Metering consultancy service to provide independent flow metering advice

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