Multiphase sampling for production optimisation

A compact solution for subsea tiebacks

Proven by extended live testing, Proserv’s innovative multiphase sampling system replicates a production test separator’s sampling conditions providing like-for-like samples.

Proserv offers a compact, lightweight and cost efficient alternative to routing individual wells to the bulk production test separator which can result in production losses, or when a test separator is not available for use.
Phase selective
Continuous sampling

Multiphase samples with no loss of phase

High quality representative samples are required to help understand the production chemistry of a well. This aids MPFM calibration and validation for fiscal measurement, assists well and reservoir monitoring and production optimisation, and provides crucial data for flow assurance and integrity issues.


Traditionally, oil, gas and water samples are obtained by flowing a single well to a test separator and taking individual phase samples. These test separators are large, costly pieces of equipment. To ensure the financial viability of a development, an increasing number of operators are developing subsea tiebacks without installing test separators for routine sampling. However, relying on infrequent sampling increases uncertainty regarding the field’s chemistry and allocated value, and introduces the possibility of systematic errors.


Proserv’s small footprint system allows for selective phase sampling from a multiphase flowline when no production test separator exists to deliver continuous, repeatable sampling.

  • Topside sampling system with extraction point technology
  • Fixed system for permanent installation or long term projects
  • Controlled extraction from pressurised flow line
  • Removes the need for a test separator for sampling
  • No loss of phase to the atmosphere on sample

Subsea production equipment on the seabed floor

Enhance visibility of flow assurance issues, allowing for quicker intervention
Enable monitoring by providing continuous representative samples
Improve allocation with accurate samples for increased profitability
Save space and weight on a crowded platform with this small footprint solution
Take representative samples with confidence at conditions equivalent to a bulk production test separator

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