Maintenance and Repair

Effective maintenance: the only option

A large number of fields have been operating for several decades, so the need for firms to adhere to a rigorous maintenance strategy is acute. Inadequate maintenance procedures can have all manner of consequences, including downtime. However, downtime could be the least damaging outcome for an operator, as a poorly maintained ageing asset could jeopardise the safety of the workforce or lead to a major environmental incident.

As a global original equipment manufacturer with a well-established history of installed systems, we use our local content staffed service centres to inspect, maintain, repair or replace active production equipment in the field. We conduct large complex orders, operate LEAN processes, continuous improvement and introduce new technological solutions.

At Proserv, we are proud of our history. Our portfolio of brands each have a strong history of proven project delivery. By bringing these businesses together under one cohesive organisation, we were able to enhance our market presence and extend our global reach and support coverage. We have the knowledge and experience to support and maintain historic brands such as CAC, Brisco, SGC Metering and Sicom.

Changing attitudes to aftermarket services

Operators are now recognising that an effective maintenance regime is a vital part of a well-thought-out strategy. The days of break/fix are disappearing as operators look to adopt a more holistic approach to maintenance and not simply repair equipment when it malfunctions. By analysing what their needs are, what their critical components are and how often they want to have them checked, operators are more focused on devising effective plans to escape the inefficient loop of reactive repairs following an outage. Proserv offers genuine support to the maintenance requirements of its client with a dedicated team, on-hand, locally, that can respond in hours so that any unplanned downtime is minimised.


Over time, as a relationship and trust builds, the most logical means of ensuring effective maintenance is for an operator and a service provider to form a strategic partnership, as opposed to individual contractors often conducting siloed repair work piecemeal across a site.

A partnership enables practices to become standardised, thus enabling more accurate maintenance scheduling predictions. Therefore, any repairs are conducted rapidly and smoothly, while ageing equipment becomes more reliable and downtime is reduced.


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