Specialists in instrumentation and electrical

From our UKAS certified laboratory in Aberdeen, Scotland

Proserv instrumentation and electrical packages can be delivered from conceptualisation and design through to installation, commissioning and ongoing maintenance, or a single standalone service.

Proserv calibration services can be performed for electrical, metrology, temperature and pressure related instrumentation equipment onshore and offshore.

Furthermore, we can provide on-site servicing programmes for all our oilfield equipment including re-certification, testing, inspection, repair and calibration services on all products listed.

Our purpose-built United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) certified laboratory, based in Aberdeen, provides a variety of calibration services, covering an extensive range of electrical and pressure instruments.

We also specialise in the calibration and repair of dimensional metrological instruments such as micrometres, dial gauges and depth gauges using computerised calibration to tolerances of 10-4. Using our mobile service van fleet, we can offer both pressure calibration and torque recalibration at our clients’ premises.


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Pressure equipment calibration

Electrical calibration

Metrology equipment calibration

Torque measurement equipment calibration

Particle counters

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Instrumentation and electrical testing

Proserv is accredited by United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) the main governing body setting the industry standard in engineering principles and calibration requirements. Traceability calibration ensures the unit is within the factory specifications and sufficient for many instruments. The instruments used for calibration are calibrated to UKAS and the relevant standards, therefore ensuring this traceability.


Technical certification standards:

  • Accreditation by UKAS
  • ISO 9001:2008
  • COMPEX certified
  • IOSH certified
  • Haskel certified
  • Hydratron certified
  • Certified and fully trained personnel within the UK and  Norwegian sector

Pressure testing

Proserv is an industry expert in flushing and hydraulic pressure testing services with over 30 years’ experience both onshore and offshore. We have designated testing facilities for hydro testing (0 to 40,000 psi) and gas testing (0 to 30,000 psi). Our products range from small test pumps to complete test and flushing systems for liquid or gas usage. We offer customers test and flushing product options ranging from a bespoke solution to a prefabricated test unit for immediate usage.


We provide our clients with safe operating systems for the pressure testing of assemblies and components, and remotely controlled test systems allowing hydraulic flushing and testing to be controlled within a safe environment.


Proserv provides a comprehensive range of electrical driven mobile flushing units, including zone rated units for onshore and offshore applications. All our units are suitable for use with mineral and synthetic oil and water-based glycerol fluids for subsea hydraulic control lines. Our high-pressure mobile pumps range consists of high pressure mobile hydrostatic pumps with pressure testing, chemical injection, valve actuator control, hydraulic cylinder actuation and hydraulic power with pressure output capability of up to 21,000 psi. Proserv has extensive experience in providing testing services for subsea equipment. Tests can be conducted to national, international or industry standards or to the client’s own enhanced test specification. At our purpose-built test facilities, we can undertake testing including hydrostatic/gas testing, high pressure testing, site integration testing (SITs) and factory acceptance testing (FATs).

Operations and manpower support

Our team of fully trained and experienced technicians ensure equipment is maintained to the highest possible standard with the appropriate certification.

Experienced and skilled technicians perform calibrations on:


Pressure relief valves up to 2758 Bar / 40,000 psi on oil

Pressure gauges up to 2758 Bar / 40,000 psi

Chart recorders up to 2758 Bar / 40,000 psi

Transmitters / transducers

ATEX-approved electrical technicians

DSV gauge calibration with:

compressed air up to 350 bar / 5,000 psi

hydraulic water up to 700 Bar / 10,000 psi


Technician services:

Servicing and repair of pumps and hydraulic pressure units (HPUs)
Flushing operations
Chemical injection services
Umbilical testing/monitoring – insulation resistance, continuity resistance, time domain reflectometry (TDR) and pressure monitoring
Hydrostatic testing






Proserv was contracted by the client to flush new and existing hydraulic pipelines to support a second BOP on board the Pacific Boma drillship.

litres per minute


bar psi

Flow rates of 90 l/min @ 170 bar achieved
Project completed by our services team within 10 day
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