Flushing systems and services

Ensure hydraulic system cleanliness

Flushing systems play a crucial role in the energy industry, both onshore and offshore, for the maintenance and cleaning of hydraulic and lubrication systems. These systems are designed to remove contaminants, such as dirt, debris, and residual fluids, from pipelines, vessels and other equipment used in the industry.

Proserv’s flushing systems ensure the cleanliness, integrity and efficiency of fluid systems, reducing the threat of equipment malfunctions. Proserv can provide clients with a wide variety of equipment for hydraulic fluid and system cleanliness monitoring and clean up.

Hydraulic System Cleanliness

Even under normal operation, modern hydraulic systems generate particle contamination and must be flushed to ensure safe, efficient operation.  Generally, newly delivered systems are flushed after manufacture and prior to commissioning to ensure both fluid and system are within specification. This has the advantage of reducing the risk of early failure and consequential warranty claims. Proserv’s flushing equipment ensures that systems are flushed at high velocities through filters designed to pick up the smallest of particles.


Proserv can deliver a varied fleet of flushing and hydraulic system cleaning equipment to suit most applications. Designed for cleaning to international standards, these rigs have been specifically developed by Proserv with flow rates from 5 to 400 litres per minute. All units accommodate standard mineral based hydraulic fluids and special units are available for synthetic and water based fluids. Fully certified ATEX units are available for hazardous area (Zone 1) operation as well as normal industrial use.


Proserv can also supply AS4059 and NAS 1638 compliant automatic particle counters to ensure that hydraulic fluids and systems contain the minimum amount of solid particle contamination. These can be employed on-site where mineral or synthetic hydraulic fluids are used and a physical count is required. These devices can instantly define the number of particles found in a single fluid sample, within the set ranges of between 5 and 100 microns.


Proserv can manage the cleanliness of existing, recently installed and newly manufactured hydraulic systems, or rent out the equipment, enabling suitably qualified clients to undertake the work themselves.

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