Subsea Brownfield Upgrades

Proserv Augmented Controls Technology (ACT)

Proserv ACT is a simple and cost-effective way to maintain production, without full system replacement. Through our approach we help clients reduce costs, improve reliability, maximize field life and fast track production.

Augmented controls technology is an approach we adopt that involves allowing additional control technologies to be deployed to augment an existing control system and open up a range of opportunities that were previously not available for the client.

When faced with a challenge around equipment reliability, obsolescence or a subsea field upgrade, Operators are typically presented with a solution by the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) to replace their systems, which is a very expensive exercise and it can also affect production. Proserv is currently challenging the market to think differently here.
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Think smart and break out from the norm

The frequent reaction to a problem is to call for a complete system change when sometimes a more flexible approach may be appropriate. Rather than discard all the old technology and equipment, not all of which necessarily needs changing, a more cost-effective solution is to work with the current system, selectively removing and replacing the components where change is required, and improving performance overall.


As a result, our message to the market is ‘Don’t think Replacement. Think Co-exist’


Core to the Proserv offering is the practice of working round the problem to find the best solution rather than trying to address the issue with a single restrictive product offering approach. This can mean focusing on the technology or system that needs attention and co-existing or augmenting the existing system rather than recommending a complete change out. By thinking in a smarter way to solve the problem, and breaking out from the notion that all issues require a full system upgrade, operators will be able to prosper, even in the current economic climate.

Obsolete equipment with no OEM support? = Retrofit A2G SEM upgrade
Risk of failure and poor reliablity? = SCM refurbishment
Extend field for additional wells? = Co-exist technology solutions
Extend well life? = Topside upgrade
Need additional instrumentation? = Adaptable solutions

Production reliablity becoming an issue?

There’s a common misconception when looking to optimise subsea production. New systems will not integrate with existing ones, so whenever there’s a problem, entire systems should be replaced with new ones, meaning massive cost, significant downtime and a loss in production. ACT is a much simpler, and cost-effective way to maintain production, without full system replacement.

Obsolescence support for extended well life.

Often there is insufficient support for ageing systems from the OEM. The parts are obsolete. The technology is no longer available. However, a co-exist solution is available from Proserv. Through retrofit technology, ACT allows for a well life upgrade by replacing obsolete electronics, maximising your existing assets with obsolescence and engineering support, improving connectivity and performance while we are about it.

Adding wells to brownfield subsea systems.

To create additional wells by extending fields requires new technology to co-exist with existing technology both subsea and topside. ACT enables the seamless integration of both systems, without affecting existing subsea control systems. It also alleviates the need for new umbilicals, minimising downtime.

Additional instrumentation to optimise production.

To monitor ageing assets within an upgraded brownfield, additional instrumentation is often required. But it may not be supported by your existing control system. Through ACT, powerful co-exist communications options eliminate the need for new umbilical infrastructures, providing the required information to maximise your production.

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