Subsea surveillance and environmental monitoring

Proserv SeaHawk™

The Proserv SeaHawk™ was developed for environmental monitoring, surveillance and retrofit on brownfields.

The technology can be installed on a subsea christmas tree or manifold to provide visual monitoring of potential leakages. High quality video is taken by the camera which uses image analysis to verify and confirm existing warning signals to determine whether there is a real threat.

Proserv is committed to developing pioneering subsea technologies to solve complex market challenges. With minimal system impact, Proserv can enable flexible subsea monitoring and surveillance solutions for enhanced diagnostic and maintenance to support operations personnel.

Key challenges faced by existing fields

Mature fields and existing installations often require upgraded equipment to improve production and safety. Proserv supports this through the provision of advanced communications technology that enables co-existence with existing subsea equipment and cable infrastructure. The system is operated using a power line and broadband or ethernet connection.


“Proserv’s subsea camera surveillance system helps operators of subsea wellheads stay profitable and environmentally compliant. It incorporates a high quality video camera, advanced LED lighting modules and an open communication system engineered by Proserv.” – Ole Tom, Subsea Controls & Communications Key Account Manager

Performance limitations of existing technology
Equipment obsolescence
System reaching original design life limits
Current infrastructure has no further capability for extension

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