Sample Cylinders

Proserv’s sample heating and transfer equipment ensures that sample quality is not compromised during transfer. Our certified cylinders allow for safe transportation of samples from the field to a laboratory of choice with the correct shipping certification for their destination countries.

Sample cylinders should be serviced between operations and should be subject to a minimum of an annual inspection and pressure test plus a five yearly recertification.

The shipment of hydrocarbons in sample cylinders is also strictly controlled and requires equipment to have appropriate transportation certification in place.

Without the above being in place and completed correctly to original equipment manufacturer (OEM) requirements, the shipping certification is not valid, and depending on location, this may lead to breach of legislation and potential prosecution.

Proserv has over 40 years’ experience in certification and recertification requirements and our global knowledge and expertise allows us to advise clients on requirements to suit their needs.

We can offer a full range of sample handling equipment from sample cylinders to transfer benches to heating jackets, and all of our proprietary equipment can be purchased, or rented, as required.
Complies with all approved certification authorities

Aftermarket Services


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