Turnkey control room and system service

More operators are looking at new approaches to control and monitor their assets using centralised and decentralised SCADA systems for individual field and multiple field (portfolio) locations, giving the end user enhanced visibility and maximised optimisation of power generation assets.

Proserv’s SCADA offering covers three specific areas: system provision, consultancy and service.

SCADA system provision

Proserv is SCADA agnostic, meaning that we can apply customer-preferred SCADA platforms to develop SCADA systems suitable for their intended application. This gives Proserv the freedom to offer a modern and independent approach to control and monitoring of critical infrastructure.

Standard and bespoke SCADA system development and deployment
Package SCADA
Portfolio SCADA
System configuration
System optimisation

Consultancy and Service

Proserv offers turn-key control room, control system service and consultancy including feasibility and requirements, technical planning and implementation, SCADA platform selection, installation and commissioning, and maintenance and obsolescence support.

Strategic consultancy
Technical due diligence
System review and assessment
Cyber security/hardware integrity monitoring SaaS
24/7 SCADA support Offsite storage (cloud or physical) and data management (back up/restore)
Third party testing and integration
Obsolescence management through hardware and software support
Facilitate R&D and innovation projects

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