Remote well monitoring

Proserv Smart Box

Unplanned shut downs can cost operators up to one percent of total annual production. The Proserv Smart Box is a real-time monitoring solution for evaluating onshore and offshore wells in remote sites; shut downs are detected instantly, avoiding prolonged production losses and lowering operating costs.

The built-in modem collects information from production equipment located at the well site, transmitting tailored alerts to multiple staff. Shut downs can now be detected instantly and safety incidents mitigated. As fewer vigorous visual inspections are required this reduces operating costs further still.

The Proserv Smart Box is the first efficient and cost-effective automated solution that provides real time fault identification.

Well Performance Monitoring

The Smart Box is an intelligent device with an inbuilt GSM modem that collects information from production equipment at the well site and then transmits alerts to personnel via GSM straight to a mobile device. This ingeniously simple technology solution can be embedded within any of our systems and customised to a client’s exact specification for increased operational efficiency.

Increased annual production through instant detection
Less visual inspection
Real time shut down alerts
Improved efficiency through faster response time
Less maintenance, spares and repairs required

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