Subsea Communications

Robust communications for subsea monitoring

Proserv’s direct hydraulic and multiplexed production subsea control systems provide the control and shutdown of subsea wells together with robust communications that enable the topside management and subsea monitoring.

  • – Allows fully transparent communication to subsea

  • – Expands existing subsea network beyond current limitations

  • – Can be retrofitted to an existing production system or new developments
50+ OCHs delivered for subsea greenfield and brownfield projects
300+ subsea control modules (SCMs) supplied to clients globally


The Proserv OCH does something unique in subsea operations, it simplifies. The Proserv OCH enables fully transparent communications and provides high-speed data monitoring from the subsea multiphase flow meters and control modules.


The OCH is part of an entire system that reduces the complexity of connecting seemingly disparate systems and provides an interface for up to six instruments using only one pair of subsea umbilical power cables for data transmission. The OCH works with all major trees and control systems to create a transparent communication system.


The Proserv open communication hub (OCH) provides a flexible communication, power distribution and integration solution for both green and brownfield systems alike. Combined with a flexible range of mounting options the OCH can be readily retrofitted into existing subsea systems.


For brownfields retrofitting new instrumentation or providing a field extension to an existing installation has always been a difficult process, until now. Incorporating the Proserv open communications controller (OCC/OCX) technologies enables all the benefits of separate or coexist powerline communications to deliver fully transparent communications for subsea controls and instrumentation.


The OCH uses Proserv’s OCC/OCX powerline communications technologies to support high-speed data control and monitoring integration, for example subsea multiphase flow meters and control modules. Additionally, the powerline communications may be combined with fibre optic communications to provide hybrid solutions.


The OCH works with all major trees and control systems to create a transparent communication system.


Applications include

Power and communication distribution for subsea control modules e.g. fibre and high voltage power in, and powerline multidrop distribution out
Multi-phase flow metering
Water cut meter
Environmental monitoring
Leakage detection
Subsea video monitoring
Condition/vibration monitoring
Riser/spool monitoring (inc. data logger)
Corrosion monitoring (with partners)
Sand monitoring (with partners)
Combinations of the above

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