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A subsea control module (SCM) is a vital component of subsea production systems in the oil and gas industry. It serves as the interface between the surface control system and the wider subsea production system, enabling the remote control and monitoring of subsea operations. The SCM plays a crucial role in maintaining the integrity, reliability, and efficiency of subsea production systems.

Proserv’s electro-hydraulic subsea control modules (SCMs) are a modular design concept and incorporate well-proven technology and qualified components to minimise both CAPEX and OPEX costs.

Our modules provide the requisite monitoring, control and shutdown functions for subsea production wells, HIPPS skids, injection wells, manifolds, pipeline end manifolds (PLEMs), and work-over controls.

To date, Proserv has manufactured and supplied over 300 subsea control modules to clients globally.
300+ subsea control modules (SCMs) supplied to clients globally

The industry’s most reliable subsea control module

Reliable SCMs are crucial for maintaining operational safety in subsea environments. They are key part of ensuring accurate control of subsea equipment, including emergency shutdown systems, all while  minimising the risk of equipment failure. Designed to operate in harsh subsea environments, included deepwater and high pressure well, Proserv’s robust SCMs ensure the integrity and reliability of control signals and data transmission.


Our electro-hydraulic SCMs are designed to meet initial field requirements and provide expansion to suit full field development. Proserv’s subsea control modules are OEM agnostic, and will integrate with all major subsea tree manufacturers and interface with all associated third party subsea devices. Proserv SCMs are designed and manufactured to perform with industry leading reliability, and are engineered to ensure zero obsolescense issues, past or future.


At the heart of the SCM is a dual or single SEM arrangement that includes the Proserv open communication controller (OCC/OCX) providing the operator with a transparent, open and flexible platform for both new and existing subsea field developments. At its core the Proserv A2G SEM fully provides IWIS, SIIS instrument and device integration with extensive diagnostic support.

Highly flexible system: total of 26 hydraulic functions on the standard module or 40 hydraulic functions using the extended module
Dual OCCs featuring high performance band width, data rate and operational frequencies, delivering 10x the performance
Deepwater qualified for 3,048m (10,000ft) deployment depth and designed to the latest API 17F industry standards
Up to 1034bar (15Ksi) HP and 345bar (5Ksi) LP hydraulic system
Available as free wire deployed (no running tool), ROV assist running tool deployed, or diver only system
Supplied as active or passive mounting arrangement to suit requirements
Can be mounted on subsea christmas tree, manifold, PLEM or even umbilical termination assemblies (UTA)

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