Sand Management with Proserv topside sampling

Sample conditioning and solids sampling systems

When hydrocarbons are produced from unconsolidated reservoirs, sand production can lead to erosion and blockages in flowlines and other production equipment.

Sand management techniques allow the operator to maximise and maintain production while managing sand at acceptable rates and maintaining the integrity of their assets.

Proserv can design, manufacture and supply a range of sand management sampling tools and equipment to monitor and quantify the level of sand being produced at given production conditions.

Solid sampling solutions

Expanding on our experience in sample cylinder manufacturing, we have developed sample systems for sand management to help benefit and assist in the taking of samples throughout the production process. Our systems are all leading edge technologies with proven capabilities that have contributed to our reputation and success in this niche area. With over 35 years of experience in the field, our clients include a large number of multinational operators, service companies, state owned companies and laboratories.

Manual systems – allow produced fluid to be sampled into appropriate shipping cylinders using suitable valves and manifolds that are manually activated by the operator. E.g. flare gas, fuel gas, export gas etc.
Automated systems – allow produced fluid (normally liquid) to be sampled without operator intervention, and include in-line and fast-loop designs
Conditioning systems – required when large volume samples have been collected over a long period of time and contents need to be homogeneous before being sub-sampled and analysed
Mini-separators/solid/sand filtration systems – designed to simplify the process of sampling oil, water, gas and solids all at the same time, while improving operator and asset health and safety
Well testing surface sampling equipment – suitable for capturing oil or gas samples from a wellhead or surface separator.

Aftermarket Services


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