Turbine Controls

The vital nerve centre

Turbine controls provide direction and monitoring of the critical components driving the generation of the wind turbine.

The control system is the nerve centre of a wind turbine, managing each element to ensure safe and effective operation. Its fundamental role is power management, from initiation to shut down, as well as coordinating the function of numerous wind turbines in response to unpredictable environmental and operating conditions.

As turbines get larger and more complex, their control systems must equally extend in capability and functionality. So, it is increasingly important the right design choices are made and that operators can be confident their control system will work exactly as required before it is deployed.

By definition, the turbine control system is the intrinsic heart of the management of operations. Choosing the right solution for 25-30 years, or more, of operations is essential. Developers and operators need to prioritise targeting a system offering market-leading reliability and flexibility.

The challenges of obsolete systems

Turbine control systems are inherently unreliable and once the service and warranty period from the original OEM has ceased, operators receive only very limited support as the system becomes increasingly obsolete. This causes challenges around effective control and maintaining uptime of the turbine, undermining strategy and operational planning, including an inability to optimise power generation, increase annual energy production (AEP) and extend the life of the asset.


Unsupported and unreliable control systems expose an operator to unplanned failures, an inability to devise an effective O&M schedule and potentially time-consuming, expensive interventions.


The Proserv benefits: never obsolete, agnostic and accessible

Proserv systems are agnostic by design and never become obsolete
Backwards compatible and retrofittable to any existing OEM turbine generator system
Always reliable and engineered using our 60 years of control system experience
Completely scalable for future wind farm expansion and multi-brand compatible
Highly flexible and easily configured
Increased yield when controls are combined with real-time optimisation (RTO) tools
RTO tools enable control parameters to manage wake effects, fatigue and life extension
Superior control parameters and functionality when compared to other OEM systems

Broad functionality, reliable operations

Our wind turbine control system consists of a range of critical functions and core sensors, linked by cutting-edge processing system software and technologies, to deliver effective operational management.


Our turbine controls offering incorporates anemometers and rotor speed sensors, in addition to electrical power sensors, pitch position sensors and hydraulic pressure sensors alongside limit switches, vibration sensors and temperature and oil level indicators to attain the broad functionality demanded of a turbine when in operation.


Our system can supply reliable, highly efficient turbine control abilities offering optimal operations and process execution, integrating an automated closed loop controller and supplemented by a highly reliable, fail-safe safety system, capable of override in order to swiftly bring the turbine to a safe state if a problem were to occur.


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