Chemical Injection

Over 2000 chemical injection systems supplied to engineering, procurement and construction companies, service companies, and international operators.

Chemical Injection


Chemicals are used in the oil and gas industry to optimise performance, reduce capital cost and improve the longevity of facilities, infrastructure and the reservoir. By controlling undesirable chemical and microbial reactions, process and flow assurance issues are reduced, and production and operational efficiency is increased.

Proserv is proud to be a leading supplier of chemical injection, metering and transfer pumps systems and ancillary equipment, including the specialised monitoring and reporting technology (SMART) injection chemical management system.

Proserv has an extensive rental fleet of chemical injection systems.

From reservoir to refinery, through utilisation of a chemical injection system, production chemicals are injected through continuous dosing or on an ad-hoc batch basis. The injection location can vary depending on application and requirement and includes reservoir, wellbore, wellhead, subsea and topside pipework.

Proserv’s chemical injection systems are modular units that support the delivery of the chemical to the prescribed location, in a safe and contained manner.

This can comprise storage, a pumping device, instrument pipework and a SMART injection chemical management system, manufactured from compatible materials so that it can handle the nature of the chemical utilised, and meet the required dose rate and pressure.

For operational excellence in a chemical injection system, the following need to be taken into consideration:

  • Chemical
  • Power source
  • System design
  • Quality and assurance
  • Operation, maintenance and reliability

With over 25 years’ experience in the manufacture and supply of chemical injection systems we offer operational excellence in our designs and engineering solutions to satisfy:

  • New build equipment requirements
  • Rental systems to meet operational changes
  • Maintaining existing equipment to meet new standards
  • Monitoring of injection chemical dose rates to ensure maximum efficiency

A chemical injection system should be seen as an asset for the asset.

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