Chemical Injection

Chemical Injection


Proserv specialise in the application, design and manufacture of transportable, permanent and skid-mounted chemical injection systems.

These systems can be of standard design or built to customer requirements to deliver the full range of production chemicals. Our chemical injection pump units range from a single pump application to multiple pneumatic injection pumps with discharge flow rates of 0 to 2500 litres/hour and pressures from 0 to 13,000 psi. The pumps are constructed from stainless steel which can be trimmed for various applications.

We also design containerised flow improver systems for extreme environmental conditions. These units are fully insulated and contain chemical storage tanks, allowing the units to function for longer periods of time without the need for logistical support.


We offer

  • Single-point chemical injection systems
  • Multi-point chemical injection systems
  • Solar-powered chemical injection systems
  • Gas-powered chemical injection systems
  • Chemical injection systems for extreme environmental applications
  • Chemical distribution panels/IRCD
  • Chemical pump skids/containerised pump skids
  • Barrel handling
  • Fuel transfer pumps
  • Equipment hire
  • Specialist drag reducer injection systems


We have one of the largest fleets of offshore, onsite equipment in chemical injection, metering and transfer pumps which can be customised to suit most client requirements. Solutions for long and short term rental can be offered at short notice and for overseas applications. To enquire, please visit our E-store.

Maintenance & commissioning

Our highly skilled service engineers specialise in the installation and configuration of chemical injection systems in-line with our clients’ exact specifications and application of use. Operating personnel can also be trained on how to operate and calibrate the equipment in training courses run by Proserv.

The maintenance, calibration and re-certification of equipment is a safeguard to minimise unexpected breakdowns and downtimes. To ensure that systems are fully functional, Proserv can offer a comprehensive service and maintenance agreement with regular routine maintenance and inspection carried out by trained service engineers on and offshore.

The maintenance and calibration of your chemical injection systems, provides the necessary documentation, certification and proof of calibration for quality audits, ensuring full traceability and compliance to the relevant industry standards.

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