Proserv is a decommissioning expert to the oil and gas and renewable energy market with more than 40 years’ experience in successful removal of over 650 platform and subsea structures and over 1000 pipeline cuts. Proserv prides itself on providing clients with the most reliable, efficient and predictable end of life solution, delivered at the lowest cost and with no compromise on best-in-class QHSE performance.

A clear late-life strategy allows operators to remain robust and profitable in a harsh margin environment. Proserv encourages clients to engage at the life extension stage. By partnering with us earlier, we can help eliminate risk and cost inefficiencies from the start.

As a responsive and flexible services organisation, we aim to align our commercial models with those of our clients where we are rewarded for efficiencies and our outstanding project results rather than just the time spent in operation.

Decommissioning and removing topside structures and subsea infrastructure is a complex operation that requires intense pre-planning, and with complex operations comes the requirement for a unique set of skills, expertise and experience in order to deliver projects efficiently.

As part of consortiums we have planned, delivered and executed a number of infrastructure removal projects within the sector using tried and tested technologies and techniques while also pushing the boundaries of existing technology to develop new methodologies of decommissioning large structures.

Proserv offers a range of efficient bundled solutions using a range of mechanical and abrasive cutting options, dredging services, cleaning operations and recovery methods to aid in the offshore removal of:

  • Met masts and turbine foundations
  • Platform structures
  • Pipelines, jumpers and other in-field subsea infrastructure
  • Topside infrastructure
  • Platform and subsea wells
  • Buoyancy tanks

Proserv can also offer solutions and services for onshore decommissioning of platforms, structures and subsea infrastructure following its recover and return to shore for disposal.

Offering standard and remote engineering solutions and technologies for the removal of infrastructure, Proserv invests the time to understand client’s challenges to develop the optimum project solution.

By partnering with us early we can reduce risk and cost inefficiencies through the provision of all of the following services either in house or through our well developed and expansive supply chain reach:

  • Operational planning & design
  • Engineering & manufacturing
  • Trials & testing
  • Project management & execution
  • Offshore management

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