Flushing & fluid cleanliness equipment

Flushing & fluid cleanliness equipment


Many equipment failures are a result of oil or lube system contamination, and the elimination of these contaminates is possible with the use of specialist equipment.

Proserv’s flushing rigs have been specifically developed for use with mineral and synthetic oils as well as water based glycol fluids for subsea hydraulic control applications with flow rates from 5-50 litres per minute. Integral test pumps can be provided so clients can pressure test these systems, assuring integrity.

We provide mobile, general service or zone-rated hydraulic flushing and test rigs applicable for use in offshore installations, petrochemical plants, defence establishments, railways and shipping.

Proserv specialise in rental services of flushing equipment. We also offer a wide range of flushing units/ flushing rigs with electrical drive options for sale and hire for offshore and onshore use.

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New build

Fit for purpose design and built for optimum solution

  • Design allows for full performance at all asset lifecycle stages
  • Prevents production/equipment downtime
  • Regular maintenance programmes reduce the requirement for refurbishment


Maintenance options for existing systems

  • Range of flushing and testing scopes
  • Prevents production/equipment downtime
  • Addresses contamination and cleanliness issues

Rental – Flushing units

Wide range of flushing units/rigs with diesel-engine drive and electrical drive options.

Key features

  • Compatible with water/glycol/low viscosity oil base operating fluids
  • 3 Micron filtration
  • Electronic soft start starter with isolator
  • All pipework and fittings are stainless steel 316 construction

Mobile flushing units

  • Offshore electrical flushing units (UK & Norwegian standards)
  • Onshore electrical flushing units (UK & Norwegian standards)
  • Air driven flushing units (UK & Norwegian standards)
  • Accumulators filter units transfer pumps
  • Fluid analysis equipment purifier/oil drier

Rental – Particle counters

Our fleet of PAMAS & Beckman Coulter particle counters measure fluid cleanliness and optimise flushing times.

Key features

  • 8 channel high resolution digital system for particle analysis
  • According to ISO 4406:1999 4 μm(c), 6 μm(c), 14 μm(c) based on ISO 11171
  • According to ISO 4406:1987 2 μm, 5 μm, 15 μm based on ISO 4402
  • Pressureless sampling as well as pressurised up to 420 bar (6000 psi)
  • User-friendly operation using touch screen with graphic display
  • Up to 10 bar and 1600 cSt with optional high pressure pump, or external pressure supply
  • Hydraulic, insulation and turbine oils
  • Gear and motor oils
  • Water based hydraulic, organic fluids or solvents
  • Fluids with high vapour pressure

Visit our Aftermarket Service Portal for details or to request a quote.

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