Hydraulic power unit


Proserv’s in-house design and manufacturing capability and experience provides an extensive range of hydraulic power units (HPUs) to meet client requirements and specifications. Proserv HPU’s are designed to deliver a safe and reliable hydraulic supply to a wide range of end-user equipment operating in both safe and hazardous environments.

Subsea HPUs are designed to provide and maintain the performance and functionality to assure reliable and safe operation of the subsea systems. Proserv HPUs are backed by an experienced global service / parts team, which can readily be extended to support other non-Proserv HPU systems.

Features & benefits

  • Multi-outlet supply header system configurations for redundant subsea high pressure (HP) and low pressure (LP) outputs; including SIL shutdown requirements
  • Isolated supply and return fluid reservoirs; with clean-up/fluid sampling options
  • Control and monitoring configuration options to meet installation utilities and master control station (MCS)/distributed control system (DCS) integration requirements
  • Integral/external accumulation options to meet installation requirements
  • Environmental and hazardous design specification and certification to meet local requirements
  • Enclosure and lifting design specification and certification to meet local requirements

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