Master Control Station

Master Control Station


Proserv’s master control station (MCS) provides subsea operators with the latest advances in topside control and data monitoring systems which are based on the JIP MCS-DCS interface standardisation (MDIS) developments.

The MCS provides backward compatibility with legacy systems, such as Modbus, allowing existing customers to upgrade or extend fields and address obsolescence or reliability issues.

Mechanical design

The mechanical design uses standard 19” rack mounted equipment and by using a single umbilical both MCS and electrical power units (EPUs) can be located within one 19” rack, providing a space saving solution.

Communications to subsea

The MCS contains Proserv’s proven open communications controller (OCC/OCX) technology providing multidrop subsea power-line capabilities; additionally primary fibre-optic / secondary powerline communications systems are available supporting upto 1.3 Mbit powerline or 100 Mbit using fibre optic to the subsea network.

Communications to DCS

Distributed control system (DCS) communications can be either Modbus, OPC UA/DA or any industrial client specified protocol.

Transparent communications

Communications to subsea devices are provided transparently at the MCS, additionally CANBus™ devices connected to the subsea electronics module (SEM) are mapped via Modbus and are available in the Modbus format for receipt or transfer to other systems.

Seamless gateway

For larger systems requiring data to be pushed to various clients Proserv’s TIACS software suite allows data to be gathered centrally and pushed to many clients using different protocols and formats. This is like glue between many different systems without the need for protocol converters or expensive bespoke software drivers.



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