Sample Cylinders

Sample Cylinders

Sample cylinder, equipment and transportation

Proserv’s sample heating and transfer equipment ensures that sample quality is not compromised during transfer. Our certified cylinders allow for safe transportation of samples
from the field to a laboratory of choice with the correct shipping certification for their destination countries.

We can offer a full range of sample handling equipment from sample cylinders to transfer benches to heating jackets, and all of our proprietary equipment can be purchased, or rented, as required.

The Proserv difference

Ongoing R&D: Taking on the challenge of preserving low levels of H2S or Hg

Proserv works with several different vendors to provide nonreactive coatings. Coatings can be applied to our tools and cylinders to reduce any losses of H2S or mercury (Hg) until
accurate analysis can be performed.

Fully knowledgeable of the complexities of shipping pressurised samples

We have been in this business for over 40 years, so we are very experienced in certification and recertification requirements. We guide clients so they are using correctly
certified equipment, depending on where samples are being collected and shipped to.

Standard and bespoke solutions for the most severe environments

Proserv produces standard products using specialist materials that are NACE MR-0175 approved for use in severe service environments.
We work with different elastomer manufacturers to identify appropriate sealing solutions for challenging environments such as high pressure, high temperature and high H2S.

Proserv sample cylinders:

  • Production sample cylinders
  • Exploration sample cylinders
  • Subsea sample cylinders

View the full sample cylinder catalogue.

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