Termination & distribution units

Termination & distribution units


Proserv’s umbilical termination  assembly units (UTAs) are designed to centralise all control and data signals for subsea application in a compact standalone module. Proserv UTA technology is aimed at the subsea market, and our core models include:

  • Topside Umbilical Termination Assemblies (TUTA)
  • Subsea Umbilical Termination Assemblies (SUTA)

Proserv’s termination units enable clients to centralise signal from many cross party products, allowing clients to bring a variety of signal types together in a single unit. Due to the nature and range of signal types utilised within the subsea industry, Proserv offer a wide range of input options:

  • Hydraulic interface
  • Electrical power transfer
  • Chemical injection
  • Electronic signal data (control logic)
  • Electronic data transfer (data acquisition (DAQ)/ESD)
  • Fibre optic signal data (control logic)
  • Fibre optic data transfer (DAQ/ESD)


  • Full support and maintenance provided by Proserv
  • Installation and commission of units on site done by Proserv
  • Proserv can assist in SAT or run full FAT on every unit, allowing plug and play delivery to the site


  • Standalone module, compact
  • Multiple configurations, can interface with all 3rd party inputs (hydraulic, electrical, optical)
  • Customised design, based on client requirements
  • Designed using 3D design software allowing for Dynamics testing including complete stress analysis

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