Topside information and control system (TIACS) software suite

Topside information and control system (TIACS) software suite


TIACS is a topside software package that is designed to handle integration of subsea (but not limited to) sensor data with topside automation systems.

  • Data collection, storage, presentation, aggregation and expert functionality
  • Supports all major SCADA systems
  • One common infrastructure for integrating all downhole/subsea equipment
  • Field proven system with installations offshore/onshore
  • Integrate data recorded from production, installation and testing


  • Modular concept
  • Currently supported:
    • OPC (DA, HDA)
    • IP21 (Through CIM-IO)
    • SQL server / Oracle
    • Simatic S5 / S7
    • Teleperm
    • Modbus
  • Highly configurable
  • Proserv information management system (DAP- data analysis platform)


Data exchange and analysis framework

  • DAP and TIACS contains data collection and usage of historical data
  • Extensive range of data interfaces supported
  • Provides a scalable and configurable common data infrastructure
  • Using TIACS the cost implementation and testing is reduced


Key information

TIACS communication serverThe communication engine in all Proserv applications
TIACS application serverProvides integration with topside control systems and 3’rd party systems
TIACS WEB InterfaceDIACS® WEB monitor

Alarm information / Status information / Diagnostic data

TIACS OPC ServerAll data can be accessed through a standard
OPC DA server
ConSi configuration centerA configuration and test tool for subsea devices
Data analysis platform (DAP)Provides analysis and reports of historical data
TIACS IP21 CIM-IO serverProviding data to an IP21 database
TIACS MODBUS serverModbus master application receiving data from a modbus network

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