Well Intervention Control Systems

Well Intervention Control Systems


As well as rental systems, Proserv supplies customer specific well intervention control systems. These systems can be provided for shallow and deep water and range from manually operated direct hydraulic systems to software controlled and highly flexible and responsive electro-hydraulic systems.

Surface units are provided for hazardous area use and designed to minimize the valuable deck space of the drill ship or rig. Where possible umbilical and reeler combinations are optimized to provide the greatest operational flexibility for minimal investment and real estate.

Well intervention control systems can be used for work over controls (IWOCS), early production riser (EPR) systems or drill pipe riser (DPR) systems. As well as well intervention the systems are used for christmas tree running, tubing hanger running, surface test trees, in riser and open sea operation for well testing and early production.

Surface systems are optimised to maintain flexibility and minimise the deck space requirements. These include hydraulic power and control unit, local control cabin for operation control, local shutdown panels, remote operation panel typically on the drill floor, umbilicals and reelers.

Subsea, the system can be directly connected into the christmas tree stack using a remotely operated vehicle (ROV) stabplate, or controlled using a multiplex subsea control module mounted either above or below the emergency disconnect system. Subsea control and monitoring is then relayed back to the local equipment room (LER) control cabin on the drill rig and the drill floor.

Features & Benefits

  • Subsea control module with 40 hydraulic functions
  • Multiple working pressures using a combination of 207bar (3Ksi), 345bar (5Ksi), 690bar(10Ksi) and 1034bar (15Ksi) as required
  • Fully compliant with API 17G and API 17F
  • Uses subsea production system technology with dual A2G electronics for reliability
  • Zone 1 hazardous area surface units
  • Includes automatic disconnect and shutdown facilities
  • Graphical display control interface with alarm, event, profiling and historian included

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