Wellhead control panels

Wellhead control panels


Proserv design, manufacture, supply and install various types of wellhead control panels (WHCP) for the control, monitoring and safety of oil and gas production wells. All our systems are built in line with customer specifications and international standards.

We specialise in single, multi, PLC-based, solar powered and self-contained WHCP which meet the highest standards of safety, performance and reliability. Our systems are suitable for use in remote areas, on offshore platforms and even in hostile environments.

As well as the fabrication of new-build systems, we offer a complete range of after-market services to ensure the safety, reliability and integrity of client assets.

Types of WHCP

  • Gas or air driven WHCP with gas/air/low pressure hydraulic logic
  • Hydro electric (relay based) hybrid control panels
  • State of the art, or compliant to interface client SAS

Design considerations

  • Application: onshore (single well) / offshore (multi well)
  • Installation: permanent/temporary (well test)
  • Power available: solar, gas, air, electricity
  • Hazardous area classification: zone 0, zone 1, zone 2 / zone unclassified
  • Level of complexity: conventional, hybrid, state of the art
  • Remote control requirements
  • Emergency shut down (ESD) and process shut down requirements

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