Proserv adds support to Robotic Surgery Campaign

Proserv adds support to Robotic Surgery Campaign

Posted: September 22, 2014

Proserv has committed to raising money to support the bring Robotic Surgery to North Scotland (RSNS) campaign being spearheaded by UCAN, to deliver Scotland’s first robotically-assisted surgical system to Aberdeen Royal Infirmary.

The company’s support comes just weeks after Scotland’s Health Secretary Alex Neil visited the UCAN Care Centre to announce a £1million investment by the Scottish Government to purchase a robotic surgical system for Aberdeen.

The Scottish Government also committed to delivering robotically-assisted surgery nationwide and continuing to work closely with boards and cancer charities.

The charities committee at Proserv’s Westhill office chose UCAN as its work struck a chord with its predominantly male workforce and because robotic surgery will benefit future generations of patients who need a specialist operation.

The team at Proserv will take part in fundraising events and activities in the coming months, while UCAN staff will also be giving a series of health awareness presentations to staff.

Fiona JD Pearson, UCAN’s fundraising manager, said: “We are pleased to welcome Proserv as our fundraising partner and look forward to working closely with the team to help educate staff and support their fundraising efforts.

“The robotic system is an incredibly advanced piece of medical equipment and the technology used is similar to that used every day in the oil and gas industry so the campaign is an ideal fit for Proserv.

“Any money raised for UCAN will help us with our aim to purchase this incredible technology, which has the potential to benefit everyone in the north of Scotland, either directly or indirectly.

She added: “We’d like to thank Proserv for its very generous and valuable support for our ongoing fundraising campaign. We are also pleased to be giving something back by providing awareness sessions on urological cancers, as early diagnosis can be the key to a positive outcome.”

Brian Kinsey, Region President for Europe West Africa (EWA), said: “We are proud to be supporting UCAN which works tirelessly to raise awareness of urological cancers and help improve the support and quality of life for people and families who are affected by them.

“These robotic systems are seen as the future in keyhole surgery and as a company that develops next generation technology for the oil and gas industry, Proserv wants to help UCAN reach the final goal so that robotic surgery at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary can be made available for patients requiring a specialised operation as soon as possible.”

Robotically-assisted surgery is currently widely used across the USA and Europe, with around 40 systems in use in England.

It is particularly beneficial for patients with three of the most common cancers – prostate, bowel and bladder – as well as gynaecological cancers and non-malignant conditions. It will also be used in other specialties such as general surgery, ENT, cardiac and paediatric surgery.

Considered to be the future for surgical procedures, the robotic system is a powerful and highly advanced machine that enables surgeons to perform precision Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS), commonly known as keyhole surgery.

This has a number of benefits for patients over traditional ‘open’ surgery, including faster recovery resulting in a shorter hospital stay, less pain and discomfort after the operation, less blood loss during surgery and a better cosmetic result due to much smaller incisions.

The robotic equipment mimics a human hand and is controlled remotely by the surgeon, who sits a few feet away and watches greatly magnified 3D high definition video images of the operation on a screen.

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