Agreement integrates Proserv’s controls technology with Viper Innovations’ subsea insulation resistance monitoring and recovery solutions.

Leading global controls technology company Proserv Controls and Viper Innovations, a specialist provider of electrical distribution and asset integrity services for the subsea energy industry, have signed an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) partner collaboration agreement, relating to the supply of hardware and services for electrical line insulation integrity monitoring and recovery.

The arrangement will see Proserv and Viper Innovations utilise their combined expertise and core strengths to supply enhanced cost effective, high-quality solutions to their clients, across both brownfield and greenfield projects.

The new OEM partner collaboration will mean that Proserv will now be able to incorporate Viper Innovations’ V-LIM and V-SLIM electrical line integrity monitoring equipment to assess the insulation resistance (IR) of cables, as well as activate its V-LIFE Insulation Resistance Recovery preventative and active healing solution, within its cutting-edge energy production control systems and related services, designed to improve the reliability, integrity and performance of critical infrastructure.

It is anticipated that the OEM partner collaboration will leverage Proserv’s global footprint in the subsea space to enable Viper’s innovative products to drive into new markets, while extending the overall controls offering through the capture of data and information on the IR of electrical circuits and umbilicals.

Edward Davies, Managing Director, Viper Innovations, stated:

“We are delighted to establish this agreement with Proserv which will enable us tofor combine our expertise to extend our respective product offerings worldwide. Proserv has a proven reputation for delivering subsea control systems and we have an established track record for our state-of-the-art line insulation monitoring hardware and recovery technologies.

“Our goal with this collaboration is consistent with the vision of Viper Innovations to maximise the operational life of controls and electrical distribution equipment for our clients.”

Davis Larssen, Chief Executive Officer, Proserv Controls, commented:

“We are renowned for the agility and improved functionality of our subsea solutions. The ability of our controls to coexist with legacy OEM systems is well-known, but we are always looking to broaden our offering ever further to deliver greater value for our customers and provide better visibility on the performance of their vital equipment.

“So, this collaboration with Viper Innovations makes perfect sense – enabling improved insight into the integrity and condition of critical electrical cables and circuits. We are delighted to sign this agreement which will ultimately lead to increased reliability and efficiency of subsea assets.”