Proserv-hosted Production Chemistry Networking Event Success

Proserv-hosted Production Chemistry Networking Event Success

Posted: September 24, 2018

The Proserv-hosted Production Chemistry Networking Events continue to go from strength to strength with the third one taking place on Tuesday 2 October 2018. We spoke to our very own in-house Production Chemist, Richard Barr to find out why he thinks there is such an appetite for these networking and collaboration events.

Richard, why do you think Production Chemistry is a topic people want to regularly come together to debate and share best practice on?

The more a Production Chemist knows about the fluids, the more value a Production Chemist can add to the asset, and, indeed, their company. Some of the issues we face include coming up with innovative, practical, technically and commercially-viable solutions to help unlock this value and drive wealth creation.

I feel there is definitely an appetite for collaborating and sharing to tackle these issues removing the ‘silo’ working structure bit by bit that still continues in many companies.

Attendee numbers more than doubled for the second event. How do you continue to keep these events relevant and build on the success this forum has attracted?

We issue surveys after each event and the responses then help shape the next one, in terms of both the format and topics for discussion and also general improvements that can be made. As a result, the third event will focus on Flow Assurance; after all, one of the main objectives of the Production Chemistry function is to ensure that production chemical and laboratory management is conducted as smoothly as possible to safeguard unrestricted flow of fluids in the reservoir, wells, pipeline and process facilities. There was a resounding desire to discuss this topic in more detail and we hope this next event adds value to those in attendance.

Production Chemistry can affect every function of an oil and gas company, from reservoir through to refinery and engineering through to environment, so there are many topics to discuss. I’m confident that if we listen to our attendees we will ensure these events remain relevant and of value.

Also, as a whole, the industry lacks free-to-attend events. There are many hosted by various societies for Production Chemistry and other functions that cost hundreds of pounds and even more to sponsor. Our event is designed to be as accessible as possible, providing an opportunity to network informally, catch-up with old colleagues and make new contacts. We are definitely building up a group of people who attend each of the events which is great to see.

What has been the feedback so far? Are you running with the same format each time?

The second event saw delegate numbers grow so much that we had no choice but to run the event within the main workshop space. This went down really well as a lot of events are typically held in function rooms so this was a good talking point. Also, the third event is the first which will be supported by a company and that was a direct result of great feedback and Shell wanting to get more involved because they saw the value of what we were trying to achieve.

Feedback has been extremely positive and we take all comments on board. We have had to tweak certain areas, such as the audio set-up on the factory floor to ensure the speakers are heard, but on the whole we feel we are onto a winner with the format.

So, what is next?

We would like to continue holding these events every four months. We have begun to attract a bit of a following with the same faces appearing so it is about building on that. The real success for me is hearing the conversations continue out with the event and attendees collaborating to see where they can work together for the good of the industry.

Sign up for the upcoming event here: Production Chemistry Networking Event

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