Proserv launches new subsea sampling innovation

Proserv launches new subsea sampling innovation

Posted: November 29, 2016

With operators facing increased challenges in maximising production from geologically complex and often remote and inhospitable fields, being able to generate accurate and reliable information from wells is critical.

Global energy services company Proserv has recently launched a new subsea sampling cylinder to enable well operators to safely and efficiently capture samples from a subsea producing well so as to accurately capture well properties throughout the lifetime of a field.

Based on existing sampling cylinder technology, the Proserv Subsea Sampling Cylinder (SSC) will be the world’s first fully qualified and certified ‘for shipping’ sample cylinder for use in a subsea environment. These cylinders will allow operator’s to take samples directly from a subsea sampling system and ship to the laboratory thus improving quality and safety risks associated with sample transfer and also enhancing sample integrity. The Proserv SSC is suitable for severe service applications and has a large 2-litre sample volume. Based on the unique coatings and sealing solutions used, this removes the exposure of hydrocarbons or H2S to field personnel and limits any loss of containment to the environment.

These cylinders are available for sale or rental from our E-Store and can be used with existing third party systems or these can be integrated with Proserv’s bespoke subsea sampling systems (SSS) which have been manufactured and delivered to clients around the world.

Proserv has an established track record spanning over 35 years in the sampling services and subsea sectors and we are consistently delivering robust technology systems and services for customers on time and to the highest standards and technical specifications.

With the increasing demand for flow assurance and reservoir analysis, Proserv fully intends to set the pace as the leading global player in the subsea sampling field.

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