Proserv pioneers green energy control panel

Proserv pioneers green energy control panel

Posted: December 5, 2012

Proserv has pioneered a market first for the oil and gas industry by developing a ‘green’ tool for well operations. Proserv’s Energy Efficient Wellhead Control Panel underpins the company’s ‘ingeniously simple’ philosophy for innovative solutions while using a renewable source of energy.

Developed in direct response to client needs, the panel offers realistic, fit-for-purpose functionality for oil well operations and significant reductions in environmental waste, energy usage and related carbon emissions. The innovation has been verified as having a 20% saving on environmental impact after undergoing inspection by TUV Rheinland Group, a global-leading body for the certification of safety and quality for products, services and management systems.

Proserv’s engineering team in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) developed the solar-powered panel which includes a reduced battery size with the capability for providing all the power required to operate for three days continuously in the event of ‘no-sun’ days.

ADIPEX A wide range of other environmentally-friendly features have also been factored into the panel and its design to improve efficiency across a number of areas:

The electrical load requirement has been reduced without compromising on the design The number of compartments and leakage paths have been decreased to minimise the potential for operational failure.

The overall solar system design has been reduced from 190 peak watts to 50 peak watts Biodegradable hydraulic oil has been used within this design The manufacturing time has been reduced, therefore, subsequent resources Andrew Anderson, Proserv’s regional president for MENA, said: “The Energy Efficient Wellhead Control Panel offers a significant step change for the industry with Proserv believed to be the first company to approach the use of oil and gas technology from an environmental and renewable energy perspective.

“Proserv values its responsiveness to client needs and the concept for the panel evolved as a result of visiting local operators across the Gulf Co-operation Council (GCC) and North Africa. It transpired that several operators have a major drive on environmental issues so we tasked our engineering team to review design concepts for wellhead control panels, which span more than 20 years, and update them to maximise environmental efficiency whilst not compromising on quality or operational performance.

“It is a straightforward yet considerable advancement and one which reflects Proserv’s commitment to developing fit-for-purpose systems and solutions that are reliable, efficient and delivered in an ingeniously simple way.”

Proserv is a market-leading company which is fast becoming industry renowned for its innovations in both oil and gas and renewable energy.

David Lamont, Proserv’s chief executive officer, said: “The development of lean technology incorporating standard components and a lighter, simplified design is essential for fast and more cost-effective delivery.

“Proserv’s Energy Efficient Wellhead Control Panel supports the energy industry in its drive towards creating a sustainable low carbon footprint using renewable energy techniques and thinking.

“At Proserv, we pride ourselves on our technical expertise and ingenuity and the development of this new Panel clearly demonstrates our commitment to investing in innovative, forward-thinking technologies that complement our existing range of value-added products and services.“

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