Service & Solutions – Recovering from the pandemic

Service & Solutions – Recovering from the pandemic

Posted: October 26, 2021

Our Operations & Business Development Director, MEA, John Bright recently participated in a Leaders in Energy podcast focused on the Covid-19 pandemic hosted by OGV Energy and moderated by Stuart Broadley, the CEO of the Energy Industries Council (EIC).

In a wide-ranging discussion, the panel discussed the impact of the global pandemic as a catalyst for change around business practices and strategy. John talks about our impressive roadmap in the Middle East and how we have built our offering to some of the biggest players and NOCs in the market. John also touches upon our plans in the digital space, including offshore wind and our AEGIS asset optimisation solution.

John’s first segment begins after 24 minutes.

Listen to the podcast.

Image of panelists featured in the OGV Energy - Leaders in Energy Podcast - Pandemic

This podcast is shared here with the kind permission of OGV Energy.

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