Proserv unveils global R&D subsea technology hub

Proserv unveils global R&D subsea technology hub

Posted: April 21, 2013

Proserv officially launched a major global research and development (R&D) hub in Norway to deliver its subsea innovations worldwide.

Proserv’s state-of-the-art R&D facility at Trondheim, Norway, represents a significant investment for the company and features a cutting-edge workshop spanning 500 sq m², an extensive technology showroom for demonstrations and 1100 sq m² of office space for 50 new offices.

Chief executive officer at Proserv, David Lamont, said: “The R&D facility represents another major milestone in Proserv’s exceptional growth story. The centre will serve as a global hub for all of our subsea R&D activities, which are at the core of our business, and where we will develop fit-for-purpose systems and solutions that are reliable, efficient and delivered in an ingeniously simple way for clients around the world.

“As Norway’s capital of technology, Trondheim was a natural fit for our R&D hub. It is home to The Norwegian University of Science and Technology and SINTEF, the largest independent research institute in Scandinavia, plus there is a large presence of energy companies based in the city.

“New technology is the life-blood of Proserv and through the work of our talented engineering team in Trondheim, we aim to expand the Group’s R&D capabilities. Some of the most exciting developments we are currently involved with are in the subsea controls and communications technologies market and we see demand for these products and services growing significantly.

“In line with Proserv’s R&D plans, we are continually recruiting talented people to support our order pipeline and expanding technology portfolio, further reinforcing our commitment to growth and prosperity globally.”

The County Mayor of Trondheim, Tore Sandvik, who joined leaders from across Norway’s business and energy community to mark the launch of Proserv’s facility, said: “It is of immense value to the city of Trondheim that companies like Proserv choose to place their global research centre here. Large investments like this create new opportunities for our technical community here in Trondheim, and demonstrate that Norway really is at the forefront of new technological innovations globally.”

Proserv is fast becoming industry recognised for its innovations. One of the latest developments to come from the Trondheim team, is the Proserv’s Seahawk™ in-situ video surveillance system, a ground-breaking technology for environmental monitoring and retrofit on brownfields. The technology can be installed on a subsea Christmas tree or manifold to provide visual monitoring of potential leakages. High-quality video is taken by the camera which uses image analysis to verify and confirm existing warning signals to determine whether there is a real threat. The Seahawk™ was developed as a permanent alternative to the costly and time-consuming method of deploying remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) subsea for the monitoring of assets offshore.

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