Proserv unveils game-changing technology for subsea intelligence

Proserv unveils game-changing technology for subsea intelligence

Posted: March 5, 2014

Global-leading energy technology services company Proserv has unveiled a game-changing technology for subsea control and monitoring communications, reinforcing the company’s rapidly-expanding subsea capabilities and world-class engineering expertise.

The Artemis 2G (A2G) subsea electronics module is a next generation controls and communications tool that uniquely frees operators from the constraints of an existing brownfield umbilical by finding additional signal capacity to enable a cost-effective field upgrade or extension. In addition, A2G offers high-speed, copper-based, multi-drop networks as a viable alternative to fibre optic infrastructures within the subsea production system.

A2G maximises flexibility and optimises functionality providing more powerful communications and instrument support. Furthermore, it increases accessibility for remote usage though its webpage interface from subsea to the desktop and provides advanced configuration and diagnostics to deliver unparalleled adaptable communications.

Proserv’s A2G, which was revealed at the 2014 Subsea Tieback Forum in Texas, has been developed as an evolution of the company’s suite of subsea control modules and is fully compliant with the latest ISO 13628 part 6, API 17F and Subsea Instrumentation Interface Standardisation. A2G can be used to co-exist with existing networks, is fully back compatible with all existing technology and does not require any proprietary software for remote configuration and support.

Alan Peek, Proserv’s Vice President for Subsea Controls and Communications, said: “With the extraction of subsea oil and gas reserves becoming increasingly challenging in deeper and more isolated areas, greater data is required from subsea instrumentation to provide operators with the information necessary to make effective decisions and optimise production. Longer step-out distances between subsea fields and host facilities also mean that improved communications and power technologies are needed to enable production in remote locations.

“The A2G has been developed as an advanced intelligent management tool which, as a result, is more flexible and optimises functionality. It is effectively the brain of the subsea and control operations because unlike other tools, it controls all of the communication systems and enables the power, speed and accessibility necessary for the control and monitoring of challenging subsea infrastructures and environments.

“What sets A2G apart is the way in which it manages information and power and the sophisticated way that it configures and communicates the data while at different rates. This new technology has already generated an extraordinary level of industry interest and we expect a strong uptake.”

David Lamont, Proserv CEO, said: “The development of A2G is further evidence of our considerable engineering talent and capability within Proserv. Innovation is at the heart of everything that we do and we have invested significantly in people, R&D and facilities in order to create Centres of Excellence to leverage our global expertise and deliver industry-leading solutions to clients worldwide. Some of the most exciting developments we are currently involved with are in the subsea controls and communications market and we see demand for these products and services growing significantly.”

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