Proserv’s Award Winning Apprentices

Proserv’s Award Winning Apprentices

Posted: July 6, 2018

Jayson Addison and Matthew Forbes, two of Proserv’s apprentices in Aberdeen, have come away with four awards from the Tullos Training Ltd Annual Awards Ceremony.

Attended by over 200 people, the award ceremony recognises Tullos Training’s top apprentices. Sean Elrick, who represented Proserv at the event said “Apprentices are the future of any industry. It is important that we invest in their development and provide the next generation of talent with the core skills and knowledge they need to succeed. With the current challenges in the oil and gas industry, it is refreshing to see so many companies still investing in the future.

It was rewarding to see Proserv’s apprentices receiving recognition for their efforts. Whilst this is still in the early steps of their career journey, I’m sure this has helped to build their confidence to go on and achieve great things.”

On the night, Jayson, who is carrying out his apprenticeship at our Birchmoss facility, took home the Best Electrical/Electronic Apprentice and the Apprentice of the Year awards.

“It was a fantastic surprise finding out that I had won both awards. It means a lot to me to have received two awards for the hard work I have put in during my apprenticeship so far. I’m so thankful for the guidance I have received from Mark, Dave and all my colleagues at Birchmoss.”

Matthew, who started his apprenticeship with Proserv last August in our Tullos facility, won the Best Mechanical/Fabrication Apprentice and the Young Engineer Award.

‘It was a surprise to me on the night that I had won the awards. This has made me even more determined and motivated to reach my potential throughout my apprenticeship.

Everyone at Proserv has been really supportive of me and helpful with my training. They don’t just help me to get the job done, but take the time to help me understand the concepts behind how things work and what they provide clients.”

Congratulations to both apprentices on their brilliant achievements.


To find out more about Tullos Training Ltd, please visit their website: Tullos Training Ltd

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