Proserv manufactures and supplies a wide range of hydraulically and electrically driven venturi pump dredge systems for subsea excavation from a variety of submerged structures, ranging from harbours to oilfields.

Proserv’s range of dredging systems are designed for the de-burial and clearance of rov-dredgedebris, sediment and soil across a range of applications. From subsea pipeline and structure inspection, maintenance and repair to decommissioning, as well as other offshore tasks, including drill cuttings remediation and rock dump removal, our systems have been proven to withstand the harshest of subsea environments.

Our range of hydraulic and electric dredging systems start at 100mm and extend to 300mm and can be deployed down to 300m water depth. Proserv’s hydraulic dredge systems also have the capability of running an integral water jetting feature to aid in the break-up of stiff seabed material. All systems have the ability to create a vacuum that discharges four times the volume of the inlet flow, creating efficiencies that water blasting and air lifting cannot offer.

Proserv’s Soil Plug Removal (SPR) tool has been designed to be used in conjunction with Proserv’s R300 dredging system to recover sediment from within the pile. Deployed either by diver or work class ROV, high pressure water is used to aid the breakup of hard sediment and clay soil types.

  • Controlled horizontal, downstream discharge location provides zero loss of visibility
  • Unrestricted, stabilised flow systems on suction heads allow for higher rate of suction while eliminating recoil
  • Removal rates from 36m3 and up to 100m3 per hour, depending on model

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