Subsea Cutting Services


Subsea Cutting Services

Proserv offers a range of subsea cutting equipment that has been developed to cut pipelines, caissons, jackets and any tubular structures. From mechanical saws to abrasive water jet cutting, Proserv has the underwater cutting tools to cut through the toughest materials in the harshest subsea environments.

With extensive experience in specialist cutting projects and manipulator development, Proserv offers a comprehensive cutting service within the IRM and decommissioning market sectors.

Water jet abrasive cuttingWater jet abrasive cutting


Our in-house designed and built JetCut systems use the latest abrasive water jet cutting technology, using either direct injection of abrasive material or venturi injected into the water stream. With a shock free, inert cutting action that leaves no heat affected zones, JetCut is the safest susbea cutting solution available.

Multi-String Cutting

Proserv’s Multi-String Cutting tool provides complete well severance from tool deployment to cutting operation and tool recovery within 12 hours. The tool is a customisable internal multi-string conductor cutter that is utilised in conjunction with our abrasive water jet cutting technology to provide a superior cutting solution.

Mechanical Cutting

Diamond Wire CuttingDiamond wire cutting tool

The Proserv diamond wire cutting tool is ideal for inspection, repair & maintenance, as well as for abandonment and decommissioning projects. Available in several sizes, each tool in the range can be handled and operated by any work class ROV or surface deployed. An independent power supply, coupled with control systems and fine metering optimises efficiency in the cutting process.

Mechanical Reciprocating Saws

Proserv’s Reciprocating Pipe Saw is available in a range of sizes and is capable of cutting through a wide variety of flexible risers, H beams and mooring chains. The saw is quick to set up and is ideal for small spaces. This saw can be deployed by diver, operated remotely by ROV, or used in conjunction with surface deployed umbilicals.

Subsea Machining & Pipeline Preparation

With a full range of pipe end preparation tools available, Proserv offers cutting, milling and combined bevelling of various pipe material types to suit clamp and connector.


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