Health, safety & environment

Proserv is committed to operating in a way that ensures the safety and health of its employees and the prevention of any negative environmental impacts. Every Proserv employee is empowered to take ownership of health, safety and environmental performance as part of their working duties and are authorised to stop any job which is unsafe. This supports Proserv’s HSE Principles, Commitments and Rules which along with the company FRESH values provides the foundation of the organisation’s HSE culture.

HSE Committed

Proserv recognises that HSE leadership and an engaged workforce is fundamental in achieving safe operations, with management leading the way by example.

Proserv constantly monitors HSE performance, assessing and recording both actual and potential consequences to ensure that the correct measures are taken to address findings from all incidents and promote continual improvement. Incident frequencies based on 200,000 man-hours are recorded, including first aid cases, helping to ensure that all information is captured and analysed.

Our Commitment

“It is the policy of Proserv to carry out best-in-class HSE standards globally, surpassing the minimum standards of local regulatory requirements at all times.”

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