Rudy Capelo

Rudy Capelo

Posted: January 17, 2018

Rudy won our FRESH value award for Right Thing, Right way.

Rudy exemplifies what it is to be a leader every day at Proserv. No matter the project, task or request asked of Rudy, there is assurance that he will follow procedures to get the job done the right way. Rudy assisted in preparing for Proserv’s ISO 9001 Quality Management audit for 2017, led QHSE employee online training and then introduced Red Cross CPR training to certify over 25 Proserv employees.

However, the reason why Rudy is a standout individual is his recent contribution to the relief effort in south Houston due to Hurricane Harvey. His involvement in the response operations was deemed “nothing short of spectacular” after his management and leadership skills were instrumental in providing services to shelters in Harris County and across the city of Houston. He acted as Sheltering Lead for the mega-shelter at George R Brown Convention Center, and then went on to serve as the District Sheltering Lead for all the shelters in a 17-county district.

Daniel Gaspard, Regional President NSA, said: “His efforts before, during and after Hurricane Harvey are nothing short of inspiring for us all.”

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