IT Security Training – Raising Awareness

IT Security Training – Raising Awareness

Posted: June 13, 2017

In today’s world, we are challenged with various types of threats and attacks from cyber criminals, both personally and at work. Loss of money, intellectual property, history, time and privacy are all examples of the terrible consequences we could face.

As a responsible and progressive company, Proserv takes this challenge very seriously. As a result, we have extended our internal IT security training initiative so it is available for all external parties (customers, suppliers, friends and family).

In the UK alone, one in five companies were hit by cyber attacks last year and in the U.S, the average annualized cost of cyber crime incurred by U.S. organizations was several $bn.

Please don’t be another statistic. A link has been provided below for people to share externally to help inform and protect others. This has been created using Microsoft Office Mix, a tool for sharing online interactive presentations.

link here –


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