Aftermarket Services


Aftermarket Services
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Aftermarket no longer needs to be an afterthought in drilling operations. Drillers are realising the significant long-term cost savings provided by preventive maintenance programs, and that scheduled repairs help to extend asset life and performance, providing continuous uninterrupted operation.

Our service commitment gives you peace of mind by delivering reliability with effective and efficient operation of your control valves, maintaining safety while providing high productivity and low costs throughout the life cycle of your system.

Gilmore inventories a vast array of stocked components for our products in order to give us the flexibility to be responsive and price competitive.

Maintenance & Repair

Gilmore provides the same dedication to quality in repairing and restoring our drilling control valves. Trained valve technicians will inspect, perform failure mode analysis, repair and restore valves, ensuring they are rebuilt to current factory standards and to the latest design revision including assurance testing and a new factory warranty.

Field Service Support

Gilmore knows our market sometimes needs onsite technical support for inspection, consultation or even in situ maintenance/repair services where our personnel have easy access to your assets.  We have trained technicians with offshore service certifications ready and on call for your 365/24/7 immediate needs.

Gilmore has the availability to offer on-site Gilmore product analysis and repair for customers needing assistance troubleshooting their valve applications.


Gilmore offers maintenance programs and re-certification of valves for customers with inventories that require re-certification and potential refurbishment.  Our re-certification program comes with a certified extended warranty of your qualifying assets.



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