Proserv offers a range of subsea and topside cutting equipment that has been developed to cut pipelines, caissons, jackets, subsea piles and any tubular structures. From mechanical saws to abrasive water jet cutting, Proserv has the cutting solutions to cut through the toughest materials in the harshest environments.

With extensive experience in specialist cutting projects and manipulator development, Proserv offers a comprehensive cutting service within the inspection, repair and maintenance (IRM), renewables, civil engineering and decommissioning market sectors.

Abrasive Jet Cutting

Our in-house designed and built JetCut systems use the latest abrasive water jet cutting technology, using either direct injection of abrasive material or venturi injected into the water stream. With a shock free, inert cutting action that leaves no heat affected zones, JetCut is the safest subsea cutting solution available.


  • Suitable for topside and subsea applications
  • Use of custom manipulators allows a range of different cut profiles on tubulars or flat surfaces
  • Multiple systems available globally
  • Cutting angle can be altered to suit any specific requirements
  • Hot work permits not required
  • Capability to carry out both internal and external cutting
  • Linear cutting, hole cutting and castellated profiles all possible
  • Internal cutting options available ranging from strings with 5 5/8″ internal diameter to piles with 120″ internal diameter, negating the need for time consuming external dredging


Proserv’s reciprocating pipe saw is available in a range of sizes and is capable of cutting through a wide variety of flexible risers, H beams, box sections and mooring chains. The saw is quick to set up and is ideal for small spaces. This saw can be deployed and operated by a diver, or remotely by ROVs. It can also be used in conjunction with surface deployed umbilicals.

Diamond Wire

Proserv offer a range of diamond wire cutting options which are ideal for IRM, abandonment, and decommissioning projects. Both topside and subsea solutions are within Proserv’s capability. Available in several sizes and configurations, diamond wire cutting solutions can be handled and operated by any work class ROV or surface deployed. An independent power supply, coupled with control systems and fine metering can be incorporated into the system to optimise efficiency in the cutting process.


  • Range of options for cutting of tubulars between 4″ and 90″ in diameter
  • Topside pull saw options available allowing for inventive cut profiles
  • Suitable for use as part of wider spread of cutting options for subsea infrastructure decommissioning
  • Selection of wire types can be used depending on application and target material
  • Multiple systems available globally

Shear Cutting

Proserv have the capability to carry out subsea shear cutting operations on tubulars up to 24″ in diameter and in a wide range of materials. Subsea bundle cutting is also possible using Proserv’s hydraulic shear and this offering can also incorporate a subsea pipe grab to aid recovery of subsea infrastructure.


  • Suitable for cutting in horizontal or vertical orientation
  • Standard blade and anvil set suitable for rigid and flexible pipelines, control umbilicals, steel sections, solid bar and reinforced concrete
  • Pruning blade and anvil set available for bundle cutting
  • Reduced need for dredging
  • Can be used for pipeline crimping

Ingenious Simplicity

It’s not just our company tag-line, it is an ethos embedded into everything we do and stand for.